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The Sugar Academy is an online school for cake decorators, cookie decorators, chocolate makers, and fun food creators. Our instructors are experts in their field and are here to help you learn techniques so you can make amazing desserts at home.

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Beth Jackson Klosterboer Chocolatier and Instructor at The Sugar Acadmey

Beth Jackson Klosterboer, blogger & cookbook author

Hi, I’m Beth, and I am so excited to teach you all I know about making homemade chocolates. I have been a professional chocolatier for over 30 years and am so passionate about the process of making chocolates.

I started by offering candy making classes at my retail candy stores back in the 1980's. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of inspiring over 1000 students to get into the kitchen and have some fun making homemade chocolates.

During my career, I've studied the art of chocolate-making with Ewald Notter, Jean-Pierre Wybauw, Ghyslain Maurais, and at the French Pastry School and have encountered just about any problem with candy making you can imagine, so in my courses, I will share lots of troubleshooting tips. 

You can find many of my chocolate creations along with over 1000 other sweet and savory food craft ideas and recipes on my blog, I love to design festively decorated treats and snacks for holidays and special occasions and many of my desserts are made using chocolate as well as, modeling chocolate (also known as candy clay).

I am the author of two books, Candy Clay Creations, and Hungry Halloween, and am so excited to share my passion for making homemade chocolates with you in my video courses. 

Meaghan Mountford, blogger and cookbook author

Hi! I'm Meaghan, and I'd love to teach you everything you need to know about decorating cookies, so you can share the joy of making, giving, (and even selling) beautiful cookies.

I've been a professional cookie decorator for over 20 years. The first decade I spent at a shop decorating cookies all day every day. The last decade I've been making cookies, painted marshmallows, and all kinds of fun treats at my blog, The Decorated Cookie. My work has appeared in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Brides magazine, Costco Connection magazine, and The Food Network magazine, and on thousands of web sites, including Country Living, Buzzfeed, Reader's Digest and more.

I also have an MFA in Literature and a Masters in Liberal Arts. I live in Washington DC with my husband, two girls, four cats, and one dog.  

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How do I find the course I just purchased?

  • Click on MY COURSES in the menu bar.
  • If using a phone click on the hamburger (three lines) just below The Sugar Academy logo to access the menu.

How do I play the video lessons?

  • Once you are on the MY COURSES page, click on the title of one of your purchased courses.
  • You'll open a new page with a list of all of the course.
  • Click on a link and a window will pop up with the video.
  • Click on the play button to play.
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Where can I find the course materials:

  • On that same lesson page, just below the list of videos, you will find the COURSE EXTRAS.
  • You can click on the COURSE MATERIALS link to open a pdf file with instructions and recipes. You may download the file or print it out.
  • Also, you can click on the SUPPLY LIST to see all the supplies you will need for the course.

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