Modeling Chocolate Course

Learn how to make modeling chocolate using pure chocolate and compound chocolate (candy melts). Then, learn how to color and fix greasy, hard, or dry modeling chocolate.


Cookie Decorating for Beginners

Learn how to bake perfectly shaped sugar cookies and make various consistencies and colors of royal icing so that you can decorate festive cookies for any occasion.


Chocolate Making Course Bundle

This bundle includes Chocolate Making Basics, Chocolate Candies, Chocolate Truffles PLUS a bonus Chocolate Bowls & Cups. It's the ultimate guide to making chocolates at home.


Chocolate Making Basics Course

Learn the difference between pure chocolate and compound chocolate (candy melts), and how to temper pure chocolate, and work with compound chocolate.


Chocolate Candies Course

Have fun learning how to create an assortment of chocolate candies including caramel nut clusters, toffee bark, chocolate pretzels, chocolate popcorn, lollipops & more.


Chocolate Truffles Course

Learn how to make creamy chocolate ganache, how to flavor it, and how to create beautiful handmade truffles. You'll create rolled, molded, and decorated chocolate truffles.


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How do I find the course I just purchased?

  • Click on MY COURSES in the menu bar.
  • If using a phone click on the hamburger (three lines) just below The Sugar Academy logo to access the menu.

How do I play the video lessons?

  • Once you are on the MY COURSES page, click on the title of one of your purchased courses.
  • You'll open a new page with a list of all of the course.
  • Click on a link and a window will pop up with the video.
  • Click on the play button to play.
  • You can adjust the volume by clicking on the vertical blue bars on the lower right-hand side of the video. If you highlight 5 of the blue bars the volume will be at it's highest. To lower the volume click on the 4th, 3rd, or 2nd bar.

Where can I find the course materials:

  • On that same lesson page, just below the list of videos, you will find the COURSE EXTRAS.
  • You can click on the COURSE MATERIALS link to open a pdf file with instructions and recipes. You may download the file or print it out.
  • Also, you can click on the SUPPLY LIST to see all the supplies you will need for the course.

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